Kelsey stumbled across Bible Journaling after getting married in 2015 while looking for just about ANYTHING, to help her open her Bible and get in the Word.

Bibles & Art launched in 2018, after much prayer. Kelsey wanted to share about the change that she had experienced, because of learning to connect creatively with His word. Hoping to help equip others with the basic skills, ideas and encouragement needed to overcome the “fear of failure" many experience when creatively expressing themselves in their Bible.


“I knew I needed to be in my Bible, but it just wasn’t clicking. My study time wasn’t enjoyable, my relationship with God was stagnant, and reading my Bible was becoming a chore. Learning to document my faith through art has grown me tremendously as artist, and more importantly, has completely changed my relationship with God and my Bible”

Bibles & Art was born out of a desire to help people get into the Word and grow in their relationship with God by connecting with their faith through art and creativity.

“As I was sharing what I was learning, and how I was growing through Bible Journaling, I felt like I was getting the same responses on repeat: ‘I could never do that’, ‘I’m not artistic like you’, ‘I would be way too scared to wreck my Bible’ - and I just KNEW that those things weren’t true. After all, I had felt that way too! But I understood that this could be the breakthrough that someone needed in their faith, just like it was for me. God started prompting me more and more firmly to step out in faith and start teaching… and so despite my hesitations, I did.”

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Kelsey teaches mixed media art journaling techniques that are 'safe' for the thin pages of Bible paper, in the hopes that it will inspire, encourage, and equip women to grow in their walk with Jesus, by CREATIVELY spending time in the Word!

If you have ever struggled to connect with your Bible in your study time, if you have ever forced yourself to sit and read the Word because you've been told you should, or if you have ever found Bible study to be dry and dull - this might be for you.

Connecting with your faith creatively just might be a total game changer in how you grow in your walk with Jesus!

In every workshop Kelsey walks through tons of tried and tested tips, techniques, and supplies so you don't have to be afraid of 'wrecking' your Bible as you explore it with an artistic lens. You will always leave with some great supplies and goodies and most importantly; some newfound excitement and skills to begin creatively express your journey with God.


Kelsey currently resides in St. Albert, AB where she does life with with her wonderfully goofy Mexican husband, Set. When she isn't creating in her Bible or teaching workshops, she enjoy going on adventures out in Alberta’s west country with her husband, taste testing her way through the world, and spending time creating memories with family and friends.